The association Farstrup Vildtpleje is a wildlife care station run by many fiery souls. For many years, Farstrup Vildtpleje has not only saved animals, but also helped many vulnerable young people. Something amazing happens when both humans and animals with challenges meet each other. What they can give each other cannot be described in words, hence our motto: “Humans help animals – animals help humans”.

Farstrup Vildtpleje releases wild animals back into their natural habitat in the wild after they completed our care program and are fully recovered.

In addition to animals, we also help people who have somehow had a hard time in life and may also need a pit stop. Farstrup Vildtpleje helps and supports through mentoring, so these people gain back courage in themselves, in life and that there is a place in this world where they belong.

Fundraising for start-up capital

Farstrup Wildlife Care is currently in the process of raising start-up capital to buy the property that houses our Wildlife Care today.

The property is so important for Farstrup Vildtpleje, to be able to help the individual animal in need on its terms. Farstrup Vildtpleje is the place where the finder of an injured animal in the middle of an emergency can get guidance and help. Farstrup Vildtpleje handles the after care treatment at the vet, as the vets often do not have the permission and facilities to look after the wild, distressed animals. In addition, Farstrup Vildtpleje is a place for young adults who need to have courage in themselves, in life and and to know that there is a place in this world where they belong. Through our mentoring, these people can get a pit stop and find the confidence to be who they are. Farstrup Vildtpleje offers plenty of room, patience and understanding. This provides excellent developing opportunities.

You can read more about the fundraising  here.

Our values

We are driven by our values, with sustainability at the core.

  • With us, people help animals, but animals also help people
  • All fauna animals are released if and when they can cope on an equal footing with their fellow species
  • All fauna animals, regardless of species richness and popularity, which we are allowed by law to receive, have an equal right to be cared for, until release.
  • All people are welcome at Farstrup Vildtpleje. The challenges that each individual may face are taken into account.
  • All people treat each other with respect and look after each other.
  • Farstrup Vildtpleje is a safe place.